Whether you are new to coding or trying to get your hand on web development, Ruby on Rails can be an exclusive topic to focus on. It is mostly mentioned with the same enthusiasm as other coding languages like CSS, HTML.

Rails might not be the best crayon in the box of the programming language in terms of market value, but it is always there in the list of top, best, and popular backend frameworks of the programming ecosystem. Ruby on rails has a different story altogether. The RoR framework is known for its ability to speed up the development process, help businesses decrease costs and improve their time-to-market. 

Read on to find out what makes start-ups use this gem for their business!

Ruby on rails is different from other programming languages:

It supports modular approach, user-friendliness, ActiveMerchant payment plugin- are few points which makes RoR superior than other languages. Users can use features such as pricing formulas & image resizing for customizing photo uploads and product descriptions. 

Agile first approach:

Agile approach is the go-getter. RoR community swears by their “Agile’ approach. Some of the benefits of building new products and releasing it through repetitions are: 

  • Quick response to user’s feedback
  • Steady increase in RoI
  • Focus on specific groups using useful features

Strong Community:

Ruby on rails isn’t like any other open-source technology. RoR uses open source code. Belonging to an open source developer community like Ruby on Rails has its many benefits- fixing bugs in less time, creation of new libraries, long complex projects among others.  

Faster Coding:

RoR, or Rails is an open source framework widely used for web development in Ruby. It has an intuitive and simple coding technique for developing apps and developers can build applications with Ruby 35-45% faster than other technologies.

Rapid development with easy maintenance:

Integrated with innumerable features, ability to develop new features and libraries easily are few of the reasons that sets RoR apart from other programming languages in the code world. RoR community has the best Ruby specialist engineers, consultants working on various projects together. Moreover, codes in Ruby can be changed without any restrictions on the code. 

Demand for Ruby:

Demand for RoR is higher. Whether in the form of stone or programming language, “Ruby” isn't dying anytime soon. According to the leading research reports, RoR is currently used in more than 1,076,238 active websites. There are many leading traffic sites like Urban Dictionary, Basecamp, UserVoice, Intuit Community and Yammer, who all use Ruby for their website works. Different platforms have been built over the time, however, the need for hiring ruby on rails developers is rising up the chart!

Suitable for Content Management System (CMS):

A CMS has mostly three features such as easy navigation, intuitive interface and a smooth platform to upload files. Images and content. Ruby has it all. And, what’s more, RoR can create new systems which are suitable for content companies, as it perfectly answers to demands of the reviews, revision, publications and storage. It also has a SEO tool to enhance the search engine rankings. To add it up, Rails is a mature tech best suited for agile software development. 

Developer Friendly:

RoR code is easy and can be used in many ways. Startup founders can learn to code and build products easily and conveniently. You save a lot of money and time because you don't have to rely on others. Anyone with a technical background can easily learn to code and use the framework. RoR uses plain English and has many features, making it easy to learn and master. Ruby code is easier to read than other programming languages. It also saves developers a lot of time by not having to comment every line of code.

What’s in the future for Ruby on Rails

As you have been reading, the framework has no plans of slowing down, in fact it is rising in popularity in the tech market. It is very strong in demand among the versatile startup marketplace comprising medicine, eCommerce and finance. Since many top firms use Ruby for their purposes, like Yahoo, Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, Github, 500px, Airbnb, Hulu, and others, are expanding for RoR programmers.

All of these serve as solid criteria for the technology to continue existing and being desired in the years to come. Numerous leading statistics and reports indicate that the demand for Ruby programmers won't be slowing down any time soon and is rather expected to increase by approximately 25% over the next five years. Ruby might not triumph over Python or PHP. Its future, though, is predicted to be glitzy.